Limited Run Games reveals retrospective books for SNES & Virtual Boy

Limited Run Games retrospective books book Virtual Boy Works SNES Super Nes Works Vol. I

Limited Run Games is ignoring the word “Games” in its name to publish a couple hardcover books: Virtual Boy Works and Super NES Works Vol. I, both available to order starting August 10 for $34.99 each. Alternatively, you can purchase a limited collector’s edition of the Virtual Boy or SNES book from Limited Run, with each costing $69.99. While standard versions of these books will be available for shipping on August 10, the collector’s editions will apparently ship sometime later, with the listing for the SNES collector’s edition book specifically claiming it will not ship until Q4 2021.

Virtual Boy Works and Super NES Works Vol. I provide retrospectives of their respective consoles, both written by Jeremy Parish. The Virtual Boy book covers the console’s whole life span since, well, its life span was microscopic. It will also feature “critiques, direct-feed screenshots, and complete packaging photography for the console’s entire library (and then some).” Meanwhile, Limited Run’s SNES book will contain “comprehensive retrospectives of both the console and all 31 games to ship for it (in the United States) through the end of the year. Each entry is accompanied with sidebars, supplementary features, photos of U.S. packaging, and crisp high-resolution direct-feed screenshots.” It will also provide an overview of all Super Famicom games to release through the end of 1991 and a timeline leading up to its launch.

Below, you can check out the additional items, such as a poster, that come with the collector’s editions. Additionally, digital samples of each book are available at the Limited Run Games website.

Frankly, Virtual Boy Works and Super NES Works Vol. I both sound awesome, and I may have to grab both. August 10 is not even a week away, which is pretty exciting. However, if you would like one single book (not from Limited Run) that covers the entirety of the SNES and Virtual Boy libraries in brief, we’ve reviewed another book already that does exactly that (and very well).

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