Lil Gator Game is an ultra-precious Playtonic Friends Switch adventure

Lil Gator Game announcement trailer Playtonic Friends MegaWobble Nintendo Switch PC

Playtonic Friends, the indie publishing arm of Playtonic Games, and developer MegaWobble have revealed the announcement trailer for Lil Gator Game, an adorable adventure game coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022. Said gator has a very The Legend of Zelda Link look to him, and he does a lot of very Link-like things, like smash pots, slide on his shield, and go climbing and swimming. And it all just looks so ridiculously serene, between the soft visuals and pleasant music.

As Playtonic Friends and MegaWobble explain, “Little Gator Game is built around the idea of uninterrupted exploration and child-like whimsy with a story not about noble heroes who changed the world or of wicked anti-heroes who learn the error of their ways but of heroes who learn to be better friends without ever losing their heart of gold.” Absolutely precious! You will likewise be exploring a huge play park set across an island with your “packed” toolbox of toys and abilities. Just soak in the Lil Gator Game announcement trailer and let the joy hit you.

Playtonic Friends CEO Gavin Price explained with excitement in a statement why he wanted to publish Lil Gator Game on Nintendo Switch and PC:

We’ve talked a lot this year about what attracts us to new projects and it really boil down to one thing – finding games WE want to play and in a lot of cases wish we’d come up with! That really couldn’t be more the case with the guys at MegaWobble and the amazing world they’ve created with Lil Gator Game. From the first time we saw a few short gifs online we were so impressed and it just made sense to get in touch with them. Turns out they are fans of all the same great games as us, shared a love of adventure platformers and so we decided to team up.

If you ever wanted to play Zelda without the danger, Lil Gator Game might be the thing for you next year on Switch and PC. Meanwhile, Playtonic Friends is keeping busy publishing other titles Demon Turf and A Little Golf Journey. Or if you would like a game with a more dangerous yet still oddly cute gator, check out Angry Alligator.

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