Life-changing: Niantic shares a story about a Pokémon GO player that’s heartwarming


Pokémon GO is a phenomenon. It’s one of the highest-grossing mobile titles of the past ten years. People who never heard of Pokémon downloaded the game and ventured outside their homes to catch ’em all. However, the following tale from developer Niantic is one of a UK Pokémon fan who has loved the series since its inception. His name is Tommy, and his experience with Pokémon GO was life-changing.

This life-changing anecdote is a tear-jerker

Check out Tommy’s story below:


Tommy had an isolated childhood. He gained weight and wanted to make a healthy change in his lifestyle. Going on daily walks with Pokémon GO helped him not only lose pounds but also connect with other players and form friendships. Now, Tommy is more outgoing and a lot happier with himself.

Regardless of whether you are more of a traditional Pokémon fan or a proponent of GO, I think it’s safe to say the latter’s reliance on exercise and the outdoors can make a positive impact on one’s life. It did for Tommy, and I’m glad Niantic took the time to document his journey. It’s nice to have a feel-good, life-changing story now and again.

Enthusiasts, did Tommy’s life-changing account alter your opinion of Pokémon GO? Isn’t it cool how he says he “lost 10 stone?” Let us know your thoughts on this story below.

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