Levi’s x Super Mario collection delayed in Americas due to COVID-19

Levis x Super Mario collection apparel clothing Levi's x Super Mario

Early last month, a Levi’s x Super Mario collaboration was quietly announced, promising a collection of stylish Nintendo-themed apparel revolving around the world’s most beloved plumber. The collection was supposed to launch on April 1, and it did in fact launch — in Japan. Unfortunately, due to the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the clothing line’s arrival in North America and South America has been delayed.

The Levi’s x Super Mario collection has received little promotion in North America, perhaps because the companies anticipated there would be challenges with delivering the clothing on time. However, Japan was more explicit about what the clothing line would entail leading up to the launch. Sister site Siliconera helpfully has a product list with Japanese pricing:

  • ‘93 501 Selvedge Jeans – ¥16,000 (roughly $148)
  • ‘93 501 Shorts – ¥8,000 (roughly $74)
  • Overalls/Coveralls – ¥16,000 (roughly $148)
  • Trucker Jacket – ¥14,000 (roughly $130)
  • Crew Neck T-shirts – ¥4,000 (roughly $37)
  • Hoodie – ¥9,000 (roughly $83)
  • Polo Shirt – ¥6,000 (roughly $55)
  • 501 Crop – ¥15,000 (roughly $139)
  • 501 Shorts – ¥7,000 (roughly $64)
  • Short Overalls/Coveralls – 10,000 (roughly $92)
  • Dad Trucker Jacket – ¥14,000 (roughly $128)

You might notice how those Levi’s x Super Mario apparel prices are, uh, high, or at least they are to me as a person who buys all clothes exclusively at Kohl’s with discounts. Perhaps they will retail for a bit less when they arrive in North and South America, whenever that may be at this point.

Do you think you’ll be adding some more Mario to your wardrobe when the Levi’s x Super Mario collection eventually arrives? Or maybe you’re just more stoked for Lego Super Mario?


John Friscia
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