Levi’s x Super Mario collection now available, if you have the coin

Nintendo Levis x Super Mario collection clothing apparel available now Levi's x Super Mario collection

Despite the announcement of a delay in the Americas just a week ago, the Levi’s x Super Mario collection is now officially available, bringing a line of assorted clothing apparel including T-shirts, jeans, jackets, hoodies, and more, including — yes — overalls. Available sizes are variable depending on the product, but the products are likely extremely popular, as many sizes have already begun selling out. Children’s designs for some articles will additionally be released at a later date. Have a look at the full Levi’s x Super Mario collection, helpfully taken from sister site Siliconera:

Products in the Levi’s x Super Mario collection come at the sorts of prices you would expect overall, i.e., not cheap. But it’s not outrageous either. Some of the apparel is legitimately attractive, and some of it is the usual phone-it-in “Here’s a tiny icon on a generic T-shirt” stuff. Take a look at Levi’s x Super Mario collection and tell us what you’re most interested in. But have a word of advice: If you buy that bandana, don’t use it to go robbing any gas stations — it’s awfully distinct.


John Friscia
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