Lego Super Mario gets modded into a motion controller for Super Mario Bros.

Lego Super Mario Bros. motion controller Rick r1ckp

Lego Super Mario is an innovative and fun piece of Lego technology, but why should the fun end there? We can go deeper. To that end, hardware hacker “Rick” on Twitter has showcased a pretty awesome creation. He has modded a Lego Super Mario figure to become a motion controller with which to play Super Mario Bros. It’s as awesome as it is wildly impractical.

Tilting Mario forward or backward makes him move in the corresponding direction in the game, and a hard tilt results in a run. Likewise, yanking Mario upward makes him jump in Super Mario Bros. And according to a subsequent tweet, “For fireballs you have to put down the figurine on a red tile (It has a color sensing camera on the bottom).” Once he cleans up the code and adds comments, Rick says he will release it online.

In all seriousness, I can already imagine “Lego Super Mario motion controls” becoming a new, absurd speedrunning category for Super Mario Bros., the kind of fun event that would become a donation incentive at Games Done Quick. I can’t imagine it would be an easy thing to perfect though, as those motion controls seem pretty imprecise (understandably so). That would only make it even more stupid fun.


John Friscia
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