LEGO NES announced, ready to assemble August 1


LEGO and Nintendo have got some big plans set for this year. We already knew about their planned Lego Super Mario project, an inventive new interactive LEGO set slated to launch in August alongside eight other character sets. Yesterday, though, a slew of teasers and leaks hit the internet that seemed to hint at an even bigger LEGO Nintendo collaboration involving the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System. As of today, though, the LEGO company has officially confirmed that an interactive LEGO NES set is on the way, and you’ll be able to piece it together alongside the other LEGO Nintendo sets this August.

Just in time for the 45th anniversary of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the LEGO NES is more than just a visually accurate brick-building project. The set includes a buildable CRT television and a Super Mario Bros. Game Pak to help emulate the actual NES experience. Pop the Game Pak into your LEGO NES and you can use a crank on the side of the LEGO CRT to scroll through a brick-ified version of the first level of Super Mario Bros. If you slot in Mario from the LEGO Super Mario set at the top of the TV, he’ll even audibly react to on-screen enemies and objects and blast the classic World 1 music while you play.

The LEGO NES set is planned to launch on August 1 and be available at LEGO stores and, with other retailers carrying it sometime in 2021.


Miguel Moran
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