Inventive: Visual artist submits a Lego Metroid mockup to Lego Ideas

Lego Metroid

Lego and video games have mixed together before. But it wasn’t until recently Nintendo game properties received the physical building block treatment. Now that the floodgates have been opened, the possibilities of popular series becoming brick form are endless. One fan, going by the tag L-DI-EGO, is committed to having their Lego Metroid invention become an actual set.

I’d buy any and all Lego Metroid playsets

Take a look at what L-DI-EGO submitted to the website Lego Ideas, where builders can submit their creations, hoping they become popular enough to become the real deal:

Lego Metroid

Lego Metroid

Lego Metroid

As a huge fan of Super Metroid, I need this set to get the Lego seal of approval, pronto.

L-DI-EGO must be a fan of the SNES title, as well, since they are keen to replicate key moments from the adventure. The set has a Baby Metroid jar, Morph Ball Samus, adjustable gunship, and Ridley figure. The project now has 9,803 supporters, which means stretch goals like the little aliens that teach you moves and Meta Ridley, have been surpassed and will be included.

The schematic needs at least 10,000 votes to be considered by the Lego team, which it should have no trouble surpassing today. If you would like to support this dream, you can vote for it here.

Enthusiasts, will you pledge your love to the Lego Metroid playset? Let us know if you’d buy this toy in the comment section below.


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