LEGO Marvel Super Heroes in Action at Media Event


Lego Batman and his team of DC super heroes seemed to do pretty well for themselves across the various platforms these past two years but some new heroes have arrived to steal their thunder.  Fresh on the success of the Avengers movie and up coming sequel, comes LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, with old web head Spider-man, the ho ho ho green giant himself–Hulk, Iron Man, and supposedly many other Marvel comics favorites from the Marvel universe.

Warner Bros. held a media event today and revealed some footage from the up coming game and more information as well.  Here’s the information we have so far, courtesy of Nintendo Everything.

– One sequence in the game: a gigantic, marauding Sand Man made up of thousands of swirling Lego blocks, each coming together to form skyscraper-sized arms and hands used to cinematically pummel Spider-Man and friends.
– Over 100 unlockable characters
– The Hulk is one of the game’s “BIG-fig” characters
– TT wants the BIG-fig characters to feel different and be fun to play
– Hulk can pick up cars twice his size, smash through petrol tankers and walls, and pull chunks of Lego out of the ground for lobbing
– Hulk eventually runs into Abomination
– Game will offer a “whole raft” of similarly built powerhouses from the various Marvel families
– Giant open-world NYC
– Character switching gameplay and unique abilities for the cast
– Can switch at any time to Iron Man while Hulk is inside the Grand Central Station
– When you play as Iron Man, gameplay is almost like a third-person shooter
– On-screen reticule appears that lets Iron Man shoot enemies with a barrage of missiles
– Can also use Iron Man’s hover boots to skim across the sandy floor
– Hulk can transform into his Bruce Banner form
– Doing so lets you take advantage of his scientific skill to make advanced machinery and generally pick up things the lime goon’s mitts can’t grasp without crushing
– A wall of sand will block the pair’s path, but Hulk shrinks down to Banner form to build and fire a water cannon at the obstacle, solidifying it enough for his larger form to smash through
– Another sequence set on the rooftops of the city features Spider-Man
– Spider-Man can scale some walls, make ropes to out-of-reach areas, and pull away scenery
– Players will see clouds of blue particles in the environment showing where the spider sense can be used
– This highlights significant aspects of the scenery which can be interacted with in order to advance
– All three characters used to reach and defeat the Sand Man
– Iron Man shoots up a generator, Spider-Man creates a web rope for Banner, who can then construct and fire a water cannon at the boss, who’s finally left venerable for a bit of Hulk Smashing
– Fully voiced characters
– Drop-in and drop-out co-op

That’s everything that we can muster up right now but it looks like this superhero game is going to be a \”marvel\” to the eyes.  Sorry, just had to throw that in.

What do you think of the new details? Are you looking forward to swinging through the city as Web brick head? Leave a comment here on Nintendo Enthusiast.

Source: [Nintendo Everything]

Tom Stovall