Lego Marvel Super Heroes gets ESRB rating for Nintendo Switch

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This is a bit of a weird one coming out of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) this week, as the American ratings board has uploaded a rating for Lego Marvel Super Heroes for release on Nintendo Switch. Lego Marvel Super Heroes initially came out way back in 2013 and was a launch game for last-generation systems.

What’s strange about this port is that the sequel, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, got a Switch version upon release in 2017. That of course means that the series will release in the wrong order on Switch. We’re also over three years on from the sequel’s launch on Switch, which seems a strange time to port the 2013 original.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Switch

If you’ve never played either Lego Marvel Super Heroes title, they follow the basic Lego game formula with a dash of Marvel flavor. The first in the series follows various Marvel heroes as they fight Marvel villains Doctor Doom and Loki. You’ll evidently be able to see for yourself on Switch soon, if this ESRB rating isn’t a weird mistake.

This eventual port could be down to sales of the Lego subseries. Prior to the sequel launching, Warner Bros. stated that Lego Marvel Super Heroes was the bestselling Lego game to date, so it makes sense to get it out on every platform possible.

And if you’re curious, the ESRB rated the game E10+.


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