Brick giant: Massive Mario created to celebrate upcoming LEGO Mario playsets

LEGO Mario

The LEGO Mario sets will descend upon the world tomorrow, August 1. The highly interactive and expensive toys will be sure to delight children whose parents can afford to spend over $100 to get every theme. Therefore, to celebrate the impending release of these playsets, the LEGO Group has built a giant Mario out of LEGO bricks.

This colossal LEGO Mario is a sight to behold

Check out a video of the inanimate plumber’s creation below:

Notice the “not for sale” message displayed throughout the video. Clearly, the LEGO Group doesn’t want this Frankenstein’s’ monster to fall into the wrong hands. What is the company not telling us?

All joking aside, the giant LEGO Mario is an impressive technical achievement. For instance, it took almost 23,000 bricks to create, stands 1.2 meters tall, and over 110 hours were spent building it to completion. The behemoth even reacts to various buttons. However, one of them lights it up and simulates burning through fire. You taught it to experience pain?! This will not end well.

Enthusiasts, do you think the tall LEGO Mario is a great marketing tool to sell the new playsets? Will you be picking up the starter kit and its expansions? Let us know below.

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