Fan builds NES Zelda map with 25000 Lego bricks

Legend of Zelda lego

The original The Legend of Zelda on NES features a particularly memorable and iconic map that translates nicely to all sorts of different mediums, including Fortnite Creative Mode, a full 3D voxel build, and, now, Lego. YouTuber Ian Roosma recently spoke with Kotaku about a truly incredible project; a full recreation of the original Legend of Zelda map comprised of 25000 Lego bricks. You can take an extended look at the project (and enjoy a Lego “playthrough” of the game) in the video below.

Roosma assembled the pieces needed for the build using Bricklink, a website for buying and selling Lego pieces and sets. Committed to making the best Lego recreation of The Legend of Zelda possible, Roosma built the map with astounding attention to depth and detail, sometimes adding over 1000 pieces to slightly lower or raise the height of one part of the map (for example, Roosma deployed 2800 green round 1×1 pieces to add height to the map’s many trees). The project took four months of designing and building, resulting in a finished product about 30 inches tall and 86 inches wide.

Nintendo properties like The Legend of Zelda are a natural fit for Lego already, but this map goes above and beyond. It is, frankly, one of the coolest Lego creations I’ll ever see. Custom builds like Roosma’s go far above and beyond what you could ever find in an official set – and that’s not even a knock on official sets! Although Roosma does not currently have any other large-scale projects planned, I do hope that he is able to explore other video game worlds via Lego in the future.

Nick Pearson
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