LEGO The Incredibles Announced For Nintendo Switch

TT Games and Warner Brothers Interactive have announced LEGO The Incredibles for Nintendo Switch. The game will take players through the 2004 hit film, and the long-awaited sequel, The Incredibles 2.

The teaser doesn’t offer up any gameplay, but it shows Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Frozone, Jack-Jack, and Edna Mode help create the logo for the video game.

LEGO The Incredibles will feature the same gameplay fans expect, but there are a few additions this time around. According to IGN, in an interview with Nick Ricks, executive producer of TT Games, “We filled our new hub world with a whole bunch of crime bosses.” “As you play through the game, more areas of the hub are unlocked to you, and then you can start fighting crime in and amongst the hub world.”

LEGO The Incredibles will launch on June 15th in North America, alongside the movie’s release on Nintendo Switch. Are you a fan of The Incredibles? Are you excited for a game starring the animated crime-fighting family? Leave a comment below.

Andrew Gonzalez
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