Surprise! LEGO: Builder’s Journey arrives on Switch next month

LEGO Builder's Journey

After what may have been an accidental reveal earlier today, we now know that LEGO Builder’s Journey is slated to come to Switch next month on June 22. The 2019 Apple Arcade launch title is frequently compared to Monument Valley. It is the first – and so far only – title from LEGO’s own internal video game studio, Light Brick.

While the game has spent its entire life up to this point as an Apple Arcade exclusive, a page advertising a June 22 release date appeared earlier today on Steam and the UK eShop, which showed a £17.99 price of admission (which might be a little steep if the game is a direct port with no new content, since LEGO Builder’s Journey is a pretty short game). The pages showed up with no surrounding announcement or fanfare, which makes us think that they may have gone live a bit earlier than intended.

If you have never heard of LEGO Builder’s Journey before now, I can’t blame you – I never know what’s going on over at Apple Arcade, either. You can see the game in action by checking out the trailer below. The premise is simple: use a limited supply of LEGO blocks to create scenic paths that allow a traveler safe passage across a small environment.

Are you interested in LEGO Builder’s Journey? Have you played it before now on Apple Arcade? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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