Legends of Ethernal delivers 2D action adventure on Switch this month

Legends of Ethernal release date October 30 Lucid Dreams Studio Natsume Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One PC 2D action adventure puzzles

There’s no dearth of adventures to be had on Nintendo Switch, but the console can always use another one anyway. Developer Lucid Dreams Studio and publisher Natsume are bringing 2D action adventure Legends of Ethernal to Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Oct. 30.

All the usual gameplay mechanics you’d expect of such a title are coming along for the ride. There will be different weapons and items to collect that enable new mechanics. There are bosses to thwart and puzzles to solve. The game even vaguely promises a “compelling and linear storyline with great characters.” And to help players that are deeply unskilled or challenge players that are total experts, Legends of Ethernal will offer Relaxed Mode and Hardcore Mode respectively.

Environments enjoy hand-drawn art and will support 4K on applicable platforms (meaning not Nintendo Switch). In the launch trailer, Legends of Ethernal does indeed have a cohesive visual aesthetic, though the animations might leave a bit to be desired.

In all honesty, Legends of Ethernal sounds completely by the numbers, but if you like 2D action adventures, that’s definitely not a bad thing. Lucid Dreams Studio has a vision, and Natsume is helping to deliver it. Let us know if you’ll be giving this game a shot toward the end of the month.

John Friscia
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