The Legend of Zelda DLC Coming to Monster Hunter Stories

Nintendo of Europe announced today on its Twitter that free Legend of Zelda DLC is coming to Monster Hunter Stories on the Nintendo 3DS. The downloadable content fits right in with Monster Hunter Stories’ cartoony art style.

  • You’ll be able to ride ‘Epona’
  • Use the Master Sword
  • Dress in Link’s tunic with a male and female version, ‘and more’

We here at Enthusiast Gaming were big fans of Monster Hunter Stories:

Monster Hunter Stories is a delightful game that surprised the hell out of me. It’s pretty, it’s fun, it’s fresh, and a real departure from the original series but still retains elements to keep it familiar.

The Legend of Zelda DLC launches for free on September 28th.

Check out the trailer for the Zelda DLC below:

Brett Medlock
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