Legend of Mana HD remaster vs. original version comparison

Legend of Mana HD Remaster vs original version comparison

This week’s Nintendo Direct came with a surprising Legend of Mana HD remaster announcement. Square Enix has provided a closer look on the Japanese official website with new comparison screenshots between the original 1999 PlayStation version and the upcoming remaster.

The HD remaster will bring various graphical improvements to Legend of Mana, including revamps to some background data and user interface. Square Enix aims to make Legend of Mana prettier and more enjoyable than ever with this version.

Legend of Mana HD remaster vs. original

Legend of Mana HD Remaster vs original version comparison

Original version

Legend of Mana HD Remaster vs original version comparison

HD remaster

The above screenshots show the difference in background quality with higher resolution and revamped data for the remaster version.

Legend of Mana HD Remaster

As you can see here, the background is improved, but the character sprite for the hero remains unchanged.

Mana aspect ratio

The aspect ratio changed from the original 4:3 to 16:9 for a better fit with modern devices.

Menu layout

Square Enix also changed up the menu screen layout to make it easier to navigate.

NPC conversations Legend of Mana HD Remaster

Some of the character portraits used for NPC dialogue were additionally redrawn.

Legend of Mana HD remaster’s new features

Sound and Music

As Square Enix explains, the Legend of Mana remaster features new arrangements, but players can choose between the original and new versions through the menu.

Encounters off

If you don’t feel like dealing with enemies, the remaster will give you the option to turn off encounters. It allows you to explore dungeon maps with ease.

Gallery Mode Music Mode

Gallery Mode and Music Mode will let you check out tracks and artwork from the game. It also includes illustrations and music from the original Legend of Mana. You can also check out all the new arrangements from the remaster.

Legend of Mana HD Remaster Save anywhere function

The HD remaster version supports auto-saves, but it will allow you to save anywhere and at any time from the menu, except on some maps.

Ring Ring Land

Lastly, the PlayStation PocketStation minigame “Ring Ring Land” will be included in the HD remaster. The minigame makes it easier to get rare items that are normally difficult to obtain.

Legend of Mana launches for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam on June 24, 2021.