Legend of Kay Anniversary Offers Off-TV Play; 720p and 60FPS on Wii U

Legend of Kay Anniversary is one of the few 3rd party games coming to the Wii U, but thankfully, it looks like it will be a solid game. A remake of a PS2 game, Legend of Kay was a 3D platformer that was met with solid reviews, but was generally forgotten due to the deep landscape of the PS2’s library. Now, the game is getting another chance to shine and the Wii U is one of the platforms to showcase it. In a recent interview with the developer, some Wii U specific details were talked about.

Off-TV play is absolutely possible, the screen is outputted both to the TV and the GamePad at the same time. Whilst the UI is a bit small (but fully working) for the GamePad, the game plays really nice on it and even profits from the vibrant colors of the GamePad’s screen. We do not specifically support Miiverse or other unique Wii U features.

When speaking about the graphics:

Legend of Kay Anniversary runs in 720p on Wii U in 60 fps. We think that for this type of action centered gameplay, framerate is more important than resolution.

Legend of Kay Anniversary is slated for a Spring release. Are you interested in picking up this action-packed 3D platformer? Let us know in the comments below.

Shawn Long
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