Leaked: New Pokémon Sword and Shield details surface

Pokémon Sword and Shield Leaked

It’s an exciting day to be a Pokémon fan! Game Freak and Nintendo teamed up for a Pokémon Direct, and it did not disappoint. We learned tons of new information about the Galar Region and its adventures, but for some, it was already old news. You see, most of today’s reveals were leaked in a 4chan post nearly two weeks ago. An anonymous tipster accurately revealed the Wild Area, Dynamax Pokémon, many of the trainers, and much more. Whoever this person is, they’ve definitely got an inside scoop on Pokémon Sword and Shield. And they leaked a whole lot more than just what was shown off today! Beware: beyond this point, there are many potential spoilers.


  • Entering gyms requires you to get an “endorsement”
  • First four gyms are led by Milo, Nessa, Kabu, and Opal, respectively
  • Opal runs a Fairy type gym
  • Before fighting gym leaders, you must complete challenges
  • Milo has you herding Wooloo. Watch out for Pamper, an electric corgi Pokémon who will startle them
  • Nessa has you run through a maze where water blocks the way
  • Kabu requires you to catch a Pokémon while in a party battle with another trainer


  • In addition to Hop, you’ll battle trainers named Bede and Marnie
  • Galar’s “gang” is Team Yell. They’re well-meaning fans of Marnie who cause trouble.
  • Sonia is a former rival of Leon

The Wild Area

  • You can see nearby players and interact with them to get league cards and items in the Wild Area
  • You can go camping, and this lets you play with your Pokémon to increase friendship
  • Cook them curry to raise their stats and friendliness


  • There is an “evil legendary” named Eternatus
  • In addition to Dynamaxing, there’s a new mechanic called Gigantamaxing
  • Gigantamaxing changes what the Pokémon looks like
  • Gigantamax Meowth looks “like long cat”
  • Gigantamax Lapras gets a shell with layers that look like musical bars and notes
  • Pikachu looks like “retro fat Pikachu” in his Gigantamax form
  • There will be regional evolutions (sounds like Alolan forms) for some Pokémon
  • This includes Farfetch’d and Meowth
  • Skwovet and Greedunt are chipmunk pokemon who will hide in berry trees and attack randomly if you shake for too many berries. If they attack, you lose half of the berries that dropped


  • Scorbunny will have fighting moves but is a pure fighter (typo?)
  • Scorbunny’s middle form is called Raboot. Its final form looks like a humanoid fighter
  • Sobble evolves into Sizzile, then Intelleon. It has a spy theme
  • Grookey evolves into a giant gorilla that beats a wood drum to attack

Game Freak doesn’t comment on these types of rumors, so don’t expect confirmation any time soon. That said, this leaker has clearly proven accurate when it comes to Pokémon Sword and Shield details, so we have little reason to doubt. We’ll likely see more of these details officially announced as we get closer to November.



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