This is your last chance to pre-order Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Nintendo Switch - pre-order

Why would you want to pre-order when you can just walk into stores tomorrow and grab a copy off the shelf? Well, kind folks, you’d be missing out on a little bonus. Amazon has been offering a $10 credit for any Prime members who pre-order the title. GameStop will hand you an awesome free double-sided poster, and Best Buy will also give you a $10 credit and a cool Smash Bros. coin. You know, just to one up Amazon, I’m sure.

‘Tis the season for buying up all sorts of video game goodies and a $10 credit could easily be put to good use. Throw it back into your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate investment by snagging one of the GameCube-style controllers on the market. Or, throw it at other great Nintendo goodies that hit store shelves recently like the Pokémon: Let’s Go titles. Either way, take advantage of the deals on the table.  Because, as we know, video gaming isn’t a cheap activity.

The dawn of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

We’re just literal hours away from the launch of the largest Smash title in the series. It really was no surprise to see the game perched atop a pretty 93 score on metacritic out of 33 reviewers and marked as a metacritic must-play. The hype is real. From a business perspective, the game is sure to catapult Nintendo into the new year. Just be prepared to have the space for the download and the day one patch so there are no hitches getting ready to brawl once you have the game.

What’s your level of excitement for Nintendo’s biggest game of the year? What feature, character, mode, etc. are you most excited for? Which fighters will be your main and why? We’d love to hear all the exciting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate chatter in the comments section!

Chris Hinton
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