Langrisser I & II adventure to Nintendo Switch in March 2020

Langrisser I & II release date NIS America March 2020 strategy RPG

Bolstering Nintendo Switch’s reputation as a bastion for old-school Japanese role-playing adventures, Langrisser I & II is headed to the hybrid console on March 10, 2020 in North America. European release will follow on March 13, and then March 20 for Australia and New Zealand. The refreshed HD collection will be releasing at the same time on PlayStation 4 and Steam via publisher NIS America.

Langrisser I & II originally released in 1991 and 1994 respectively for Sega Genesis. The first released in North America as Warsong, whereas the second never left Japan. Both are strategy RPGs developed by Masaya Games, and while I haven’t played them personally, at a glance they seem like a cross between Shining Force and Advance Wars. Both of those are pretty awesome franchises, so I would imagine there’s something to look forward to here.

Get a load of the visual and audio upgrades on display in Langrisser I & II in the comparison trailer NIS America has provided.

This collection promises the following: “Langrisser I & II is returning with both classic stories of good and evil now remade in beautiful high-definition visuals, reorchestrated music, and quality-of-life improvements to the gameplay and user experience that made these strategy RPGs truly legendary.”

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