Land of Screens, game about getting over a Christmas breakup, arrives on Christmas

Way Down Deep & Serenity Forge set a Christmas 2021 release date for point-and-click adventure Land of Screens on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Publisher Way Down Deep and developer Serenity Forge have announced that point-and-click adventure Land of Screens is arriving on Nintendo Switch and PC with a release date of December 25, 2021 — Christmas. The game stars Holland, a character who featured in previous Serenity Forge games Half Past Fate and Date Night Bowling (though I honestly had to look up who she was). Holland is dealing with a Christmastime breakup with her boyfriend of five years that somehow spread over social media, and now she’s trying to get over it by going on some IRL adventures away from social media.

Way Down Deep PR forĀ Land of Screens makes it sound like a big deal that Holland is escaping social media to spend some time talking to actual human beings, which is frankly pretty sad, but I get what it’s going for. In any case, this point-and-click adventure will retail for an economical $5.99 — the same price point as the tragically pointless Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing — so you should probably expect a bite-sized slice-of-life story, not a sweeping epic for the ages.

Land of Screens received an announcement trailer last Christmas, and it has no new release date trailer for some reason. But you can check out the original one below:

[Source: PR]

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