Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Lake Motosu arrives on Switch this week, Toy-Con VR-compatible

Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Lake Motosu Switch

The Laid-Back Camp manga and anime series is getting two virtual reality games, and the first will launch for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and smartphones on March 4, 2021. Gemdrops will release the second game in April 2021.

Laid-Back Camp follows the outdoor adventures of Rin Shima and Nadeshiko Kagamihara. The first game plays from the perspective of Nadeshiko going on a camping trip with Rin to Lake Motosu. The second game puts Rin as the lead in a trip to Fumoto Campsite with Nadeshiko as her companion. Both titles take place in camping sites based on actual areas by Mount Fuji. The gameplay is mostly about observing nature and watching fully voiced events during the camping trips. Both games have about an anime episode’s worth of event scenes.

While the Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- games are about providing players with a virtual camping experience of the great outdoors, those without VR equipment can play as well. The Nintendo Switch and smartphone versions feature gyro sensors, so you can tilt the screen to look around. If you happen to have the Toy-Con VR goggles, they’re compatible with the Laid-Back Camp games.

Here’s a new trailer for the first Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- game:

Laid-Back Camp -Virtual- Lake Motosu launches for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, iOS, and Android on March 4, 2021.