Who knew? Pop singer Lady Gaga is a big Bayonetta fan

Who knew? Pop singer Lady Gaga is a big Bayonetta fan.

It’s a good time to be into video games. Even celebrities have been confessing their gaming love as of late. Drake plays Fortnite. Superman himself Henry Cavill loves World of Warcraft. Now pop star sensation Lady Gaga has joined the fold, only this time with Platinum Games’ Bayonetta.

Lady Gaga mentioned in the tweet below her challenge playing the Switch title. Bayonetta is known for being a quality hack and slash title akin to the Devil May Cry series. There’s no word if this is the Poker Face performer’s first time playing or if she has played the second game at all. We do give her props for titling herself as a gamer girl, though. And apparently, Nintendo has decided to give her some props of their own.

It’s always nice getting encouragement from the Big N as you play one of their exclusives. All we need now is for Lady Gaga to cosplay as Bayonetta during one of her concerts for this to truly be a perfect world.

Monster Squad

Plenty of Gaga fans also sounded off their delight seeing Nintendo’s response. These replies on Twitter included requests to add her in the upcoming Bayonetta 3 as a playable. There were even requests to have her be part of the game soundtrack, and even as part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.

That mockup image used in the last tweet does look suspiciously like the being controlling the Master Hands in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cinematic played during the last Nintendo Direct. Perhaps fans are onto something?

Lady Gaga hasn’t given any further response, but it’s great to see celebrities be more open on their love for gaming. I’m sure she will be joining other Switch fans when Bayonetta 3 releases (likely) sometime next year. It will surely prove to be a good answer to Capcom’s impressive-looking Devil May Cry 5.

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