Labo contest winner was allegedly denied his prize by Nintendo

Labo contest winner denied prize by Nintendo allegedly

Despite what you may think of it, Nintendo Labo has been about creativity from the beginning, and Nintendo wanted to see just how creative their fans were. They did this by holding a contest in which everyone was allowed to submit their own Toy-Con creations.

Some fans made their creations look like Bowser or Yoshi and the like. It was meant to be a fun little contest with a prize of a free Labo kit and a certificate from the developers. However, one disappointed creator allegedly never received his prize for winning, and he claims Nintendo is not planning to give it to him.

No prize for Labo?

Reddit user Trevor1301 posted on r/NintendoSwitch this morning about his woes dealing with Nintendo. Trevor won the contest with his Banzai Bill Labo creation. Per the contest rules, My Nintendo was supposed to email Trevor to tell him he’d won, at which time Trevor would have three days to respond in order to receive his prize.

Unfortunately, Trevor received no such email. He only discovered he was a Labo contest winner when Nintendo emailed him he was too late in claiming his prize. This understandably upset Trevor, who went to customer service to seek help.

The representative Trevor first spoke with seemed hopeful that he would receive his prize. He was given a case number and sent straight to a supervisor. However, the well-meaning supervisor couldn’t be helpful to Trevor. He explained that the prize had been forfeited because he never responded, even though Trevor had allegedly not been properly notified, and that was basically it.


Proof provided

After the post this morning, Trevor has received support from fellow Nintendo fans, but also a rightful amount of skepticism from mods. He’s since shared the alleged email from My Nintendo about the forfeiture of his prize, as well as the creation that made him a winner in the first place. He claims his creation was previously on the Winners page under the “Dinocycle” but that it had since been removed.

If Trevor’s story is true, Nintendo should have to follow their own rules they set up. But while Trevor could have easily checked the Labo winners page to see if he won, it makes perfect sense that he would have waited for some form of contact to claim his prize.

All of this makes me wonder how often this happens. How many other people missed out on a contest prize from Nintendo or another company? Personally, as somebody who has dealt with issues like this before as the responsible party, I think Nintendo needs to make this right for Trevor somehow, assuming these allegations are true.

What do you all think of this mess? Should Trevor be compensated for his Labo win? Should he drop the issue completely? Are you still skeptical of the entire story? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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