A Kunio-kun 35th Anniversary Project countdown website has appeared

Kunio-kun 35th Anniversary Project countdown website

Arc System Works has launched a Kunio-kun 35th Anniversary Project countdown website in Japan. The countdown just started not long ago and is scheduled to end on September 4 at noon JST.

Other than the awesome 35th anniversary logo that incorporates Kunio and Riki’s hairstyles, the website only shows a countdown with the day(s), hours, and minutes remaining until the September 4 reveal. We’re not sure if it will be for a new game announcement, but Arc System Works has a few plans in the works. We can also count out a simple birthday announcement for the countdown. The first Kunio-kun game, Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun for arcades, already celebrated its 35th birthday back in May.

In June, WayForward announced a sequel and a prequel of River City Girls with River City Girls 2 and River City Girls Zero during the Limited Run Games showcase. Both games are getting physical releases by Limited Run Games. WayForward also recently revealed two new characters, Marian and Provie, for River City Girls 2.

Arc System Works previously mentioned having Kunio-kun project announcements throughout the 35th anniversary year. It will include new video games, products, collaborations, and more. In any case, the publisher doesn’t usually bother making countdown websites for small news.