Knite & The Ghost Lights Approaches Final Week of Kickstarter Campaign

The eccentric world of Knite & The Ghost Lights, prepared to guide players through a magnificent land of spooky creatures and fantastic landscapes, is almost upon the final week of its Kickstarter campaign. With 8 days remaining, only $16,451 of its $35,000 goal has been pledged so far.

Knite & The Ghost Lights is unique take on the classic side-scrolling action adventure game – filled with puzzles, platforming, hidden surprises, tons of magic and exploration. One of the most fun and unique features is the way the game lets you play with light and music to control your surroundings.

Aiming for PC, Mac, Linux, and Wii U, Knite & The Ghost Lights developer Mobot Studios has created a Tim Burton-like land of wonder – eerie in its presentation, yet ridiculously enthralling. Each character and set piece is beautifully crafted, built from real models made by hand.

The original concepts for Knite & The Ghost Lights were based around building a point and click adventure game, but as time went on we thought the faster pace and more fluid gameplay of an action adventure would make it even more engaging.   However, there were a lot of challenges: because all of the environments and characters are handmade, the amount of work the that goes into something as simple as just making Knite walk is quite substantial.

And that’s why we\’re launching this Kickstarter, to help us finish the game and share it with the world.  Our lead designer’s apartment is literally full of clay!  Because each completed set takes up a ton of space, we\’re even trying to secure an extra room to hold all of the sets, characters, and models for the game. 

Backers have the potential to snag some exclusive Knite & The Ghost Lights gear, from character books, apparel and a world map to handcrafted models based on the game. You can even appear in the game based on a real world model made in your likeness if you indulge in the highest reward tier.

Although it is still uncertain whether the game will ever reach its minimum funding goal, there are of course has a number of stretch goals offered beyond that point, including fully animated cut scenes, full professional voice acting, and additional ports to consoles.

The small team responsible for the game is also known for Paper Monsters; Mobot’s debut title landed on iPhone and iPad in 2012 and became an Editor’s Choice app.

What is certain, however, is that Knite & The Ghost Lights is without a doubt one of the most peculiar campaigns on Kickstarter, yet unfortunately we may never see it realized to its spooky potential. If you want to help contribute to the project, click the earlier link and pledge before its October 26th deadline.

Dakota Lasky