Kirby Star Allies Launches on March 16th

Nintendo kicked off January 11th with a surprise Nintendo Direct.  The direct focused on a bunch of new content hitting the platform in 2018. One of the games that was highlighted was Kirby Star Allies. Not only did we get a new trailer that showed off new abilities, we also got a firm release date of March 16h for the new platformer.

The trailer shows off a few new copy abilities. Artist ability allows Kirby to paint pictures of other characters as well as attack using a giant paint brush. Spider ability allows Kirby to ensnare enemies in a web which can then be used to jump on or used as projectiles. Finally, friend ability combos were shown off as well. The best example from the trailer is the use of water and ice to create projectile ice daggers. This looks frantic and has the potential to take the multiplayer sessions to another level.

Are you excited about Kirby Star Allies? Do you plan to pick up the game when it launches in March? Let us know in the comments.

Chris White
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