Kirby And The Rainbow Curse May Be A Lower Price

Though during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct we saw plenty of new footage from Kirby And The Rainbow Curse as well as learning lots of new details – such as the addition of mutliplayer and the release month – what we didn\’t hear about was a price. The same can not be said of the Japanese Nintendo Direct. Apparently, the Japanese version of The Rainbow Curse will go for 3700 yen – a lower price point than the usual Japanese Wii U retail releases. This turns into about forty dollars in the United States.

If Nintendo implements a similar strategy and makes the game a lower price point in the States, this would not be unheard of for the Wii U. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will go for just $40, so if Kirby follows suit it could be a recurring thing, Nintendo attempting to make their somewhat smaller titles more appealing by lowering the prices. Either way, we probably won\’t have to wait long to discover if the lower price is worldwide or just in Japan.


Jonathan Harrington