Kirby nap pillow is cutest, strangest thing in human history

Kirby nap pillow Nintendo merchandise

Okay, the headline is a slight exaggeration, but this is definitely the cutest and strangest Kirby product I’ve ever seen. In Japan, Bandai is selling a Kirby nap pillow, but it is no ordinary pillow. Rather, the pillow is Kirby himself, and you have to stick your head inside his cavernous maw in order to use it. And with the mouth hole being 23 cm x 21 cm, no head is too fat to enjoy it. Being digested has never been so comfortable!

Kirby nap pillow Nintendo merchandise
Feeling snug as a bug, baby!
Kirby nap pillow Nintendo merchandise
Japan is one of the few countries that can make a photo like this feel utterly reasonable.

Kirby nap pillow, perfect for a cat nap

Frankly, I just think this is ingenious. This Kirby nap pillow is adorable, it screams to be shared on social media, and if all else fails, it’ll make a darn good cat bed! I’m not even a huge fan of the Kirby series, yet this is one of my favorite pieces of Nintendo merchandise I’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, it isn’t for sale quite yet. If Google Translate is to be believed, these spectacular pillows are not shipping until May 2019. They’re also selling on the pricey side: One pillow is 9,500 yen, or roughly $84 USD. That’s maybe too expensive for a cat bed, but still perfect for a young kid on Christmas who’s a Kirby super fan (or maybe a cat who’s a Kirby super fan).

What about you? Is this weird Kirby nap pillow just the thing for you or someone in your family? And can you wait till next year to rest your weary head on its tender tongue? To have Kirby’s seductive slobber send you slipping into slumber? Let us know in the comments–and then show it to your friends! I know I will be.


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