Kingdom of Night, ‘Diablo meets Earthbound’ RPG, heads to Kickstarter

Kingdom of Night on Kickstarter Black Seven Studios | Dangen Entertainment

Developer Black Seven Studios and publisher Dangen Entertainment have taken to Kickstarter seeking funding for their new game, Kingdom of Night. It’s an isometric action RPG in the vein of Diablo, but the setting is a small town in Arizona in the 1980s. The game is seeking $10,000 and aims to launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. Check out the reveal trailer below.

In Kingdom of Night, you have to infiltrate the lairs of five demon lords and defeat them. This takes place across a large, connected world filled with quests. And in general, the story sounds like great fun:

Its 198X in the small town of Watford, Arizona. A strange cult has been working late hours to contact The Great Beyond. In their ignorance they have made contact with an ancient evil. Now, after waiting for patient millennia, The Demon Lord Baphomet has stepped through their gate and into their world. In order to remain on the earth Baphomet must take an earthly bride before the sun rises. The demon king has set his evil eye on your neighbor Ophelia. Crashing through her window in the dead of night he spirits her away to his fortress Leviathan. With mere hours to complete the perverse ritual of demonic wedding, Baphomet hides above the town secure behind the protection of his Demon Generals.

Now in the twilight hours before dawn, while the dead rise from their graves and demon’s wreak havoc in the streets, you must unseat the Generals from their demonic strongholds and pursue Baphomet into his fortress to rescue Ophelia before it’s too late.

The game catches a haunting flavor with its trailer that I’m genuinely impressed with. The various creatures — whatever the heck they are — look gruesome and threatening, yet still somehow grounded in reality. I don’t play many western RPGs, but I really think I might make an exception for this one.

Take a look at Kingdom of Night if you’re interested.


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