King of Seas, a pirate action adventure, launches next month on Switch

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We took interest in King of Seas last year, when developer 3DClouds revealed gameplay of the pirate adventure. There are definite Sea of Thieves notes in here, obviously from the pirate theme but also the game’s art style, but the gameplay is different. We now know when it’s coming out, and it’s pretty soon. A release date trailer reveals that it’s coming on Feb. 18.

That’s across all platforms too, so no Nintendo Switch delay on this one as is increasingly becoming the norm. There’s more good news for Switch players too, as there’s no Switch tax. The game launches on PC and all major consoles for $24.99.

For anyone who didn’t catch this one when it was announced, King of Seas is a procedurally generated pirate RPG. You can take to the seas in a variety of different ships, including the sloop, brig, flute, frigate, and galleon. They’ll all have different attributes, but as this is a self-described action RPG, you’ll also be able to tailor each one to your liking.

The exploration of procedurally generated islands is one of the game’s driving forces, but there’s also plenty of ship combat. This is where things veer away from Sea of Thieves, with a top-down perspective giving you a larger view of the battlefield. Combat looks more strategic as a result, and it’ll be interesting to see how it’s balanced out with exploration.

Gear up for King of Seas from 3DClouds on Feb. 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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