King K. Rool fans thank Sakurai for inclusion in Super Smash Bro. Ultimate

During its August 8 presentation, Nintendo announced it would include King K. Rool in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For many fans who had petitioned the company for years to revive the Donkey Kong villain, this was massive news. Those fans, via the “Kremling Kampaigner” Twitter account, have now extended their thanks to the game’s creator, Masahiro Sakurai.

“On behalf of every Donkey Kong Country fan and King K. Rool supporter around the globe,” the message reads, “thank you for listening to us, and thank you for being such an amazing game director.”

You can read the full message in the tweet below.

King K. Rool’s inclusion has made such a splash that even newspapers reported on it.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on December 7.

Thomas Ella
Contributor at Nintendo Enthusiast. Despite all the empirical evidence to the contrary, Thomas maintains that Link is the best character in Super Smash Bros. 64. You can listen to Thomas really screw up his dating life on The Undesirables podcast.