King Dedede Returns to Super Smash Bros.

The self-proclaimed ruler of Dreamland returns in all his glory as Sakurai has revealed the 21st character of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS titles as King Dedede of the Kirby franchise.


\”Pic of the day. Celebrating the launch of Kirby: Triple Deluxe in Japan, King Dedede joins the battle! Check out his evocative facial expressions on the official web site.\”

The development team sure went to work on making King Dedede’s second appearance as a playable character as much more memorable one. The penguin king is still wielding his trusty hammer and retains much of his Brawl moveset, like his high-flying Up-B recovery, rocket-powered Down-B and A-moves like his neutral aerial and side-tilt.



King Dedede must be in a much better mood His vibrant facial expressions remind one of his Kirby Right Back At Ya! incarnation. Meanwhile, Peach and Zelda join Dedede in the one 3DS screenshot we get of this new reveal.


King Dedede seems to be approaching Wind Waker levels of expressiveness here. Even on the new Super Mario Galaxy stage, we get beads of sweat adjacent to his struggling frown. Then he goes right to his jolly old self, ready to jump into battle at a moment’s notice.

Will we see more than just aesthetic changes for King Dedede or will this character control largely the same as the first time? Sakurai hasn\’t gone that far in revealing him.

Check out King Dedede’s full screenshot library over at the official Smash Bros. website.



Dakota Lasky