Kindred Fates, a “grown-up” monster-battling RPG, smashes every Kickstarter stretch goal–including a Switch release

Kindred Fates

Kindred Fates caught fire and never slowed down. When I wrote about the game’s hot start on Kickstarter a month ago, I talked about how its mature story and challenging gameplay elements such as permadeath seemed to be resonating with donors. That momentum carried itself out in a big way: Kindred Fates wrapped up its Kickstarter today with a whopping $685,769 raised. That’s more than a dozen times larger than the initial $50,000 goal.

With this success, the game hit every single stretch goal. As such, players can look forward to a fully explored, deeply fleshed out monster-collecting RPG. Some of the game’s new features include breeding mechanics, custom guilds, turn-based combat, dungeon raids, 75 additional Kinfolk (the game’s collectible monsters), co-op, and dungeon raids. Most importantly, though, Kindred Fates is headed to Switch.

It’s very rare to see this sort of booming success on Kickstarter (though we did just watch The Wonderful 101 rake in millions), but it’s hardly a surprise for something like Kindred Fates to join that exclusive club. Especially since the game comes at a time of lingering discontent with its main inspiration, the Pokémon franchise, Kindred Fates will have its chance to woo thousands of players who grew up with lovable Pocket Monsters and are ready for a more adult take on the genre.

Nick Pearson
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