Rumor: Killer7 remaster is coming to Switch, per developer’s LinkedIn

Killer7 Switch Killer7 remaster Nintendo Switch Capcom Suda51 Engine Software

It appears Capcom and Suda51’s avant-garde assassin FPS Killer7 may be coming back — on Nintendo Switch. Doctre81, the eternally eagle-eyed YouTuber who is just the master of scrounging up random details from LinkedIn, has done it again. He has spotted a LinkedIn profile making reference to Engine Software developing a “Killer7 Remaster (Switch/PC),” which we have located. It belongs to Engine Software owner and VP of Development Ruud van de Moosdijk. The PC release of the game did of course occur back in 2018, but mention of Switch is new.

Killer7 Switch Killer7 remaster Nintendo Switch Capcom Suda51 Engine Software

Doctre81 further highlights how Moosdijk’s profile states he is “Currently Producer on an unannounced title in collaboration with a prolific Japanese game designer,” which certainly sounds like┬áSuda51, though when his profile was last updated is unclear.

Suda51 — real name Goichi Suda — already seems to have the original No More Heroes heading to Nintendo Switch, according to a Taiwan rating at least. We could be in the midst of a quiet renaissance of Suda51 titles on Switch, which nobody would complain about. Killer7 is of course an even older title than No More Heroes though, having originally released for GameCube and PlayStation 2 in 2005.

Personally, I never finished the Capcom game, but I did enjoy how totally weird it was. Fingers crossed we hear something official about this alleged Killer7 remaster on Nintendo Switch soon.


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