Kill la Kill: IF patch 1.20 on Switch brings new character, balance changes

kill la kill if mako mankanshoku

Publisher Arc System Works and developer APlus Games have done a great job of supporting their latest anime brawler, Kill la Kill IF, on Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the Switch version of the game hasn’t been on the exact same page as the other versions of the title. Perhaps due to porting difficulties or a significant difference in hardware capabilities, free title updates for the anime-inspired 3D fighting game have arrived on PlayStation 4 and PC first, with the Switch version receiving the same content a month or so later. Case in point, the free update to Kill La Kill IF that brought new character Mako Mankanshoku to the roster last month has only just been made available today on Nintendo Switch.

While the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game received Mako Mankanshoku and a slew of balance updates in their most recent version 1.05 patch, the latest update for Kill La Kill IF on Nintendo Switch brings the game up to version 1.20. This is due to earlier performance-related patches that only the Nintendo Switch version received.

Mako Mankanshoku didn’t fight much in the original anime. However, for a brief time, she did take on the role of President of the Fight Club. This earned her a Goku Uniform, the super-powered clothing that the series’ fighters wear. Now, at long last, Mako Mankanshoku can rock this gear again as a fighter in Kill La Kill IF.

Kill La Kill IF is available now on Nintendo Switch.


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