Kickstarter Tadpole Treble Dropping To Wii U If It Meets $ 50,000 Stretch Goal

Bit Infinity has confirmed a Wii U stretch goal for upcoming music adventure game Kickstater Tadpole Treble. If they hit $ 50,000, Wii U owners get a unique and interesting new game.

The project’s leads are Matthew and Michael Taranto, and if those names sound familiar, that’s because they also made Brawl In The Family.

Tadpole Treble seems similar to games like HarmoKnight and Vib-Ribbon, where you react to musical prompts on a predetermined straight path, only this one is literal with the music prompts. You play a tadpole that looks like the treble note, passing through levels that look like music sheets. You avoid obstacles and hit targets as you pass by, and each level comes with its own surprises. This aspect of the game makes it seem akin to the Famicom classic Otocky.

I don’t have to namedrop obscure titles though, music games are straightforward enough. Bitfinity hopes to record all live music for the game, as well as expand its scope if they get the necessary funding.

So far, they have raised $ 11,809, which is decent for 2 days, but a fair distance from its $ 30,000 base goal, as well as that $ 50,000 Wii U stretch goal. Find out more and donate if you’d like here. Check out the trailer below.

Ryan Parreno