Kickstarter – Sneaky Ninja Update – New Reward Tiers Including Turn Yourself into an NPC

Starfall Studios have begun ramping up the Kickstarter updates as they approach the climax of their campaign for Sneaky Ninja. In this new update, the team reveal some new reward tiers including one which allows you to become one of the game’s NPC, an adorable little egg ninja!

We\’ve saved one of our favorite rewards for last! If you pick either of these tiers, you\’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be transformed into an adorable little egg ninja! With both tiers, you get to decide how you want to look, including your face, clothes, hair, and a hat if you want one (and who doesn\’t?). Think your real self would look too plain as a ninja? No problem! Just tell us what the fantasy version of yourself you\’ve always dreamed of looks like and we can make that happen too!

There’s one big difference between the two tiers, though… (spoiler: the higher one is cooler!)

Remember, there are only 8 days left to raise funds for this promising title and they still have several thousand dollars to raise. Head on over to the campaign page now to see just why you should make a pledge.