Kickstarter – Sneaky Ninja Update: Level Editor & Level Sharing

Another day, another update from Starfall Studios and their Kickstarter project Sneaky Ninja. This new update takes a look at the game’s level editor as well as how to share levels you\’ve created with friends.

One of the fan favorite features (and team favorite as well!) is without a doubt the level editor, which will give you the same tools that we ourselves use to build the game’s levels! It’s already in place, to an extent — everything you see in the trailer was built using it, and it already saves levels out to external files for easy sharing — but it still needs a lot of work before we can call it fully-featured.Our plans include a bunch of easy-to-use tools that will make building levels a snap (hah, get it? Everything snaps to a grid), but also give you flexibility to design the challenges you want.Place everything from ground pieces to coins to mushrooms to enemies to NPCs you can talk to, to create the levels you\’ve been dreaming of! Generating pathfinding for the enemies istotally automatic — you don\’t want to know what it was like before that — and you\’ll have extra tools like placing waypoints for enemies to define exactly where you want them to patrol.

The campaign has 6 days left to run, and the developers are almost half way. Looks like it will come down to the wire for this one!