Kickstarter – Sneaky Ninja Update: 8-Bit Bonus Levels & 48 Hour Countdown Begins

Starfall Studios have released another update for their project Sneaky Ninja today as well as confirming that they have entered the final 48 hours of the campaign! The new update rakes a look at concept art for an 8-bit themed bonus level which is currently a stretch goal. As with previous updates, the studio have expressed intent to include these regardless of if they make it to the goal.

Wait, huh? Did we slip into an alternate reality where Sneaky Ninja was actually developed for the NES? Oh, right, that’s just concept art for the 8-bit bonus levels! These levels are a stretch goal which, as always, we\’ll try our hardest to get into the game either way. They\’d be filled with retro goodness, with all the pixels and chiptunes you could want — because what indie game would be complete without some 8-bit?

It’s great to see that the campaign has sprung to life over the last few days and now looks set to smash it’s base goal in the next few hours. The studio need less than $900 to make it to the $10,000 goal. Things did look ropey a couple days ago as the studio weren\’t even halfway.