Kazuya & Mishima Dojo join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on June 29

Tekken Kazuya level Mishima Dojo release date Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch Masahiro Sakurai presentation announcement Tekken 39 songs

Masahiro Sakurai appeared on a presentation today to introduce Kazuya and his level Mishima Dojo from Tekken and announce a release date of June 29, 2021 for their inclusion in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Sakurai provided his usual deep dive both on the character’s history and all of his moves.

Kazuya has “extremely” high attack power in Smash Ultimate but has small reach and short jumps and is slower than the the average fighter, though faster than in Tekken. He is a heavier character with constant slight super armor as well.

Sakurai noted that Kazuya has an “outstanding” amount of normal moves in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, including (here’s a random list of names) Sternum Splash, Stature Smash, Demon God Fist, Demon Scissors, Demon’s Wrath, Jumping Knuckle, Air Inferno, and 10 Hit Combo, among others. Of course, you don’t need to use all of these moves to be proficient with the character. The bottom line is Kazuya should feel strikingly similar in Super Smash Bros Ultimate to how he feels in Tekken.

For special attacks, “side B” special is Devil Fist, a fast, forward attack that immobilizes your opponent when it connects. It can be used for recovery as well, though it doesn’t travel overly far. “Up B” is Devil Wings, which is exactly what it sounds like in getting aerial, but it can be used to score a KO as well. And “down B” is Heaven’s Door, which allows you to grab and slam down an enemy, similar to Bowser’s ability. However, the opponent can physically push back on the ability and will not be KOed by Kazuya if they push back while at a low damage percentage.

Once per Stock in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Kazuya can activate Rage Drive to land more powerful versions of attacks like Heaven’s Door. There isn’t a time limit on its use, but you’ll lose Rage Drive if you get hit a lot or miss too many moves.

Upon the release date of Kazuya in Smash Bros Ultimate, you will be able to start playing on Mishima Dojo. The walls and ceiling will break during battle, making things more dangerous, but they will rebuild over time. There are no floating platforms in this level, notably. This sounds like an area where Kazuya could excel. However, Sakurai showed off Kazuya in Mishima Dojo live on stream, and he… lost badly in his arrogance. He proved better on a second try though.

Additionally, here is the huge Mishima Dojo song listing:

Tekken Kazuya level Mishima Dojo release date Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch Masahiro Sakurai presentation announcement Tekken 39 songs

That’s a brisk overview of Kazuya and Mishima Dojo in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as relayed by Masahiro Sakurai, so now you can just sit tight and wait for their release date tomorrow.

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