Kao the Kangaroo trailer reveals a new adventure for the lapsed mascot

Kao the Kangaroo trailer summer 2022 release date window Tate Multimedia 3D platformer Nintendo Switch PS4 PS5 PlayStation 4 5 Xbox One Series X S PC Steam

Do you remember Kao the Kangaroo? No? Then you’re most people. But if you do remember him, you’ll be hopping like the protagonist to hear that Tate Multimedia has dropped a trailer for a new Kao the Kangaroo game, launching in summer 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam. The premise this time is that he is searching for his missing sister and trying to unravel what happened to their absent father. This will entail traveling the world and fighting, uh, “fighting masters” that have been touched by a “dark power.” A different master named Walt will train you, and things will culminate in a showdown with some dude named the Eternal Warrior.

This new Kao the Kangaroo game looks like a typical 3D platformer through and through in its announcement trailer, with a lot of jumping, Sonic-style sliding, and Crash-style boxes to smash. Although, there’s never been a Kao game that received a warm critical reception, and there isn’t a terrific reason to think this won’t be another lackluster adventure. But if you were already a fan of the series in the first place, you clearly don’t care what the critics think, so stay tuned for more on the new Kao the Kangaroo as summer approaches.

Meanwhile, if you have a big appetite for 3D platformers in general, you probably ought to try Demon Turf, keep Frogun on your radar, and pray that Microsoft does something with Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.


John Friscia
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