Kanto Pokemon with Alolan Forms Being Added To ‘Pokemon GO’

Pokemon GO is about to get even more Pocket Monster variety, as Niantic announced that Kanto Pokemon with Alolan forms, such as Exeggutor, Raichu, and more, will be added to the game in the coming weeks.

Sunny days are ahead! Whether your forecast calls for rain or shine, we’re celebrating all around the world by introducing some special Pokémon from the tropical Alola region to Pokémon GO. Get ready for some of the Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region to appear in their Alolan forms! These unique variants were first seen in the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon video games, and they will make their way to Pokémon GO in the coming weeks.

Alolan forms added some variety to Sun and Moon, but it remains to be seen how much impact they have in GO. I’m excited for quite a few new creatures, including the Alolan forms of Ninetails and Meowth.

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Aric Sweeny
Former Editor-in-Chief, now staff writer here at NE. I'm an English student in California. Let's talk Pokémon.