Kamiya interview mentions Viewtiful Joe, hints at hidden info in Bayonetta 3 reveal trailer, and more

Bayonetta 3 Viewtiful Joe Kamiyanews next week, says Hideki Kamiya

Famitsu recently ran an interview with designer Atsushi Inaba and director Hideki Kamiya, both of PlatinumGames fame. The interview centered on the development of the Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle ahead of its May 28 Japanese release date, but Kamiya also said a little bit (and boy, do I mean a little bit) about other topics such as the long-ago development of the original Bayonetta, the long-forsaken Viewtiful Joe, and the long-awaited Bayonetta 3. While the tidbits about the first Bayonetta‘s development are certainly interesting, any mention of Viewtiful Joe by its creators is always good fun, and internet detectives should get quite excited by the prospect of hidden secrets in the initial Bayonetta 3 teaser trailer.

The interview highlights, as translated by Siliconera, opened up with commentary on Bayonetta‘s original development, including how the game ended up on Xbox 360 and a moment of triumph as the game slowly came together.

Atsushi Inaba, game designer: “The first game I was involved in development with at Platinum was Bayonetta.”

Hideki Kamiya, director: “Bayonetta was originally developed for Xbox 360, and we didn’t even think about developing it for PlayStation 3.”

Inaba: “We didn’t know which console’s players would enjoy our games more, so we prioritized the console that was easier to develop for. We couldn’t afford to think about a multiplatform release.

Kamiya: “I remember there was a great big cheer at the development studio when we tested out Bayonetta summoning demons and losing her clothes.

Inaba: “Not in a dirty way. It was a joyous cheer to celebrate that our ideas all fit together well.”

Kamiya did not say much with his mention of Viewtiful Joe–just that he incorporated slow motion there similar to in Bayonetta 3, and that the game deserves some focus. The legion of rabid fans of the series agree.

Kamiya: “I hope Viewtiful Joe will also get some focus. That was the first game I included slow motion in. We added Dante on the PS2 version.”

Finally, the most exciting bit of the interview came with Kamiya casually mentioning that Bayonetta 3‘s development is going well, and that there are lots of secrets hidden in the game’s announcement trailer from all the way back in 2017.

Kamiya: “Bayonetta 3‘s development is progressing smoothly. Actually, there’s a lot of info hidden in the teaser announcement in 2017.”

What do you think of the interview responses? Are you already looking back at the Bayonetta 3 teaser trailer to see what we’ve all missed? Are you reminiscing over Viewtiful Joe like I am and fervently hoping that the series makes it back soon? Let us know in the comments!

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