Jumbo Snorlax is two feet tall and ready to hug forever at Build-A-Bear

Jumbo Snorlax Build-A-Bear Workshop plush

Build-A-Bear Workshop has offered a 16-inch Snorlax for a while now, but why stop there? We can do better than that for Nintendo merchandise! To get a bit closer to that giant’s full proportions, Build-A-Bear has revealed a 24-inch Jumbo Snorlax. That is a friend you can hug and hold all day long, snuggling with throughout the long winter. Admire his squeezableness.

Nintendo merchandise Jumbo Snorlax Robe Pajamas Build-A-Bear Workshop

Jumbo Snorlax is coming in an exclusive online bundle including a “Jumbo Snorlax Robe and Sleeping Cap” and an exclusive Snorlax Pokémon TCG card. This adds up to $99.50, and since he is just so jumbo, “there is a $5.00 surcharge for oversized shipping.” So, he’s not exactly cheap, but when it comes to Build-A-Bear Workshop, what is?

Build-A-Bear Snorlax card Pokémon TCG card

This year has seen some memorable Nintendo merchandise and apparel, especially for Pokémon. For instance, there were those Snorlax pants shorts that allow you to sit on his face, since his face was placed in the buttocks region. There is also the flopping Magikarp plush, which perfectly simulates how to be completely worthless. And we can’t forget the officially licensed Nintendo sweaters, including Pokémon, which I insist aren’t actually ugly.

Jumbo Snorlax is a terrific addition to this eclectic and far-reaching collection. Will you be buying him this holiday season?


John Friscia
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