JP – The coral-colored Switch Lite sells out online in 48 hours


The coral-colored Switch Lite was revealed a few weeks ago. And now, its first run has finally begun over in its home country of Japan. With the console now officially hitting store shelves, early customers have been very adamant about securing a unit. With the current situation of the COVID-19 outbreak affecting most countries around the globe, online shopping is even more popular than normal. This increased traffic combined with the lowered number of stock due to reduced manufacturing has led to a mad dash for the coral-colored Switch Lite online. Interest was so high that the new variant actually managed to sell out online in just two days. 

Various Japanese online storefronts are reporting that the coral variant is now unavailable. Truth be told, this was happening even before the system launched, as pre-orders were being lapped up. It seems like any stock that Nintendo was able to replenish in preparation for launch still was not enough to satisfy the Japanese gaming crowd. There’s no word on when the next restock will come, but hopefully, potential customers won’t have to wait too long before getting their next opportunity.

The Lite has actually been the best-selling version of the Switch family over in Japan for the past few weeks. As mentioned earlier in the report, the COVID-19 outbreak slowed down console production in China. As a result, the Japanese market has seen a smaller circulation of new Switch units, primarily with the flagship version. The Lite models, however, have been far more plentiful. This trend may very well continue for a little while longer.

For players in other regions, the coral-colored Switch Lite will be coming soon. North America is next to get it on April 3, with Europe and Australia falling later in the month on April 23, 2020.

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