Joy: Mario Party Superstars overview trailer showcases new features

Mario Party Superstars review overview trailer

It’s almost that time of year. No, I am not talking about Halloween. I speak of the loss of friendship via Mario Party Superstars. The party game features 100 minigames and five classic boards from the Nintendo 64 titles. Previously, we received a nice introduction trailer for the game via YouTube. The tradition continues today with an overview trailer for Mario Party Superstars.

This trailer for Mario Party Superstars is quite energetic

Here’s some fresh footage below:

The announcer loves his job. I swear it’s Billy West speaking.

Nintendo made sure to point out Mario Party Superstars will have online play on day one. The previous title, Super Mario Party, gained that functionality years after its launch via an update.

Additionally, Mt. Minigames is shown off here. This mode has a variety of courses, like Survival and Daily Challenge, that can only be played online. Other events, like the 2 v 2 Tag Match and Sports and Puzzles, can be experienced either online or offline. It looks like Mario Party Superstars has some nice replay value for when you eventually tire of the handful of game boards on offer.

Enthusiasts, did the Mario Party Superstars overview trailer get you more excited for the game? Let us know below.


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