Journey to the Savage Planet Switch ratings are getting our hopes up

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Multiple ratings for Journey to the Savage Planet on Nintendo Switch have cropped up online. These ratings span a few months, bleeding into 2019, but they paint a very exciting picture that will see Switch owners enjoying a savage jaunt around a brand new sci-fi world. First came a rating from retailer Deep Discount. The site listed a release date for a physical version of the game on Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2020. Now however, Amazon has added fresh fuel to the port rumors.

Amazon Japan has recently listed Journey to the Savage Planet on Nintendo Switch with the same release date as Deep Discount has. These are just the latest rumors relating to a Switch port of the game though. Last October, the Brazilian ratings board reportedly listed the game for Switch. Soon after this, an ERSB rating for a Switch version of the game popped up, this time in North America.

The game’s developer, Typhoon Games, was recently acquired by Google. The company is now said to be dedicated to working on games for Google Stadia. However, prior to the game’s release and their acquisition, Typhoon Studios maintained that they were always looking into a way to bring Journey to the Savage Planet to Nintendo Switch. Games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are already on the console. The Outer Worlds is also on the way, so surely the platform can handle this.


Jamie Sharp
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