Jon Bernthal wants to play Little Mac from Punch-Out!!

Jon Bernthal Little Mac Punch-Out Castlevania Galaga movie TV live-action adaptation

A while back, I mentioned how it would be awesome if Nintendo would produce an official Punch-Out!! cartoon. However, The Punisher star Jon Bernthal would maybe like to go a step farther and just play series star Little Mac himself in a live-action adaptation.

This comes from an interview with Digital Trends, where, when asked what classic video game characters he would like to play, Bernthal said, “What I’ve been playing with the kids is Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Little Mac, he’s really small, but that would be really cool I think — his rise up through the ranks.” Bernthal is reportedly 5’11” and he turned 43 last month, so it’s a little difficult to imagine him in the role of a small young boxer. It’s even hard to imagine his voice being a right fit for a cartoon rendition. But his enthusiasm is appreciated!

Bernthal also floated the idea of being involved in Castlevania project, saying, “I really dug that game Castlevania. I’m old-school; I’m probably aging myself here. That’s sort of the limits of my video game knowledge.” An animated Netflix adaptation of that already exists of course, but sure, I’d be down for Jon Bernthal to become a Belmont in a live-action film. He definitely has the ruggedness for it.

Bernthal’s personal favorite game might be 1981’s Galaga though, as he said, “I really like Galaga. Still, if I see Galaga in the old-school arcade, it’s hard for me to pass that one by — I’m still very much into that.”

Would you want to see Jon Bernthal as Little Mac or some other character from Punch-Out!!? What about in Castlevania? Let us know!


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